The commercial real estate sector in Minsk as the secret of Abdo Romeo Abdo’s success

It is hard to believe that some 20 years ago the situation in Belarusian business and shopping was radically different. Landlords on the commercial real estate market have to try hard to adjust to the expectations of interested customers, but they do their job quite successfully. However, sellers in the commercial real estate market do not think to give up, but improve their skills every day and willingly adjust to changing circumstances. Therefore, a visit to such shopping and entertainment centers leaves no one indifferent.

The main area discussed in this article is the economic changes in Belarus, which may have affected the internal expansion of the urban market. And the personal experience of the flexible and enterprising businessman Romeo Abdo, who owns BNK Estate, will prove that the commercial real estate market in Belarus is still profitable from the point of view of foreign investments and investments.

The directions of economic changes in Belarus

  1. To give a boost to the domestic economy, Belarus is following foreign trade, including expanding ties with Europe, Western Asia, and other states besides the CIS.
  2. Foreign direct investment is an important niche in the development of the country’s economy, 75% of which now comes from the UK, China and other EU and EAEU countries.
  3. The shift from manufacturing to financial and more high-tech enterprises is illustrated by the High Tech Park in Minsk.
  4. All these and many other factors contribute to an increase in demand for large areas of business centers and office space. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for the construction of retail outlets and entertainment complexes.

Further developments in the development of the commercial real estate market in Belarus could be spontaneous, but this area of the country’s economy is fully ripe for drastic and cardinal transformations for a better development of the whole state.

BNK Estate plans

An interesting fact is that the talented businessman Abdo Romeo Abdo is a native of Lebanon. He has always valued a good education, so he set a goal to get it at the Minsk State Linguistic University of Belarus, where he came in the 90s. Since then, Romeo Abdo has found his vocation in the commercial real estate market, as he recognized in time the great hidden potential of this sector of the Belarusian economy.

It is thanks to his entrepreneurial and creative skills that Abdo Romeo Abdo was able to bring his firm BNK Estate to an international level. Such large-scale social projects as, for example, construction of a new bus terminal in Minsk, the company performs to the highest standards of convenience and quality, which deserves admiring feedback from customers. Let’s take a look at just a few projects of BNK Estate, which confirm it.

Let’s give the word to statistics

According to statistics, currently more than 20% of the population of Belarus live in Minsk. It is also where 25% of the country’s GDP is produced, and almost 50% of the federal budget comes from here.

To combat unemployment, the city authorities continue to invest in the development of infrastructure and the domestic market. Thanks to these efforts, virtually every Minsk resident has a job and a steady income.

The situation of GRP in the city is also interesting. So, only a quarter of the total GRP is accounted for by construction. The rest is taken up by communication, transport, construction and information technology. Also one third of the total GRP is wholesale and retail sales.

Various information about industrial production in Belarus

Two industries in Belarus are particularly well developed. These are the production of construction materials and woodworking. The demand in foreign markets is due to the high quality of goods and at the same time their low price.

The economy of Belarus has undergone some changes recently, and this could not but affect the state of Belarusian production. Although the industrial sector has suffered some losses, the country continues to export huge amounts of harvested timber worth over half a billion U.S. dollars. Belarus also produces more than 5 billion tons of concrete, 40% of which is exported to other countries.

The further pace of development in Belarus assures us that the country’s economy is an excellent sector for foreign investment, profitable in the long run.

Some features of the Silver Tower business center

In 2009, BNK Estate erected the country’s best business center Silver Tower, which remains the most sought-after business center in Belarus to this day. Here you can find a rich range of services, as well as all conditions for the development of office business.

Anyway, time is not standing still, and BNK Estate management is moving along with it. They try to provide their clients with the most comfortable and pleasant conditions for work. This is evidenced by the coordinated service of all 17 floors of Silver Tower.

Interesting facts and information about the Galileo Mall

To actively spend your day, you just need to come to the Galileo shopping center, located in the heart of Minsk. Here you can have tasty meals, have fun for all tastes, and find yourself a new stylish closet! It’s not without reason that every visitor, including the employees here, enjoy spending time here.

In 2015, Galileo also won an award in the category of best shopping center in Minsk. This is possible due to several factors, including top-notch service, convenient geographical location, and even a covered parking lot with 500 spaces. Thanks to the efforts of BNK Estate, the building is constantly being improved and includes more and more innovations, which make the complex as comfortable as possible for all visitors.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list, but here are just a few projects which BNK Estate will complete in the near future:

  1. the Shop-in-shop space of 2,500 square meters, which will accommodate the best work of international designers and brands.
  2. A modern cinema, which will incorporate avant-garde and nouveau styles, as well as interior design by Chapman Taylor. It is equipped with comfortable Italian furniture, Dolby Atmos technology and wide LED screens, which puts it on a par with cinemas of London, Madrid, Dubai and Hamburg.
  3. A gastronomic fusion cuisine space that will accommodate culinary masterpieces and delicacies from a variety of countries. This is the first place in the country where you can taste the sea of different dishes, and even enroll in cooking courses to be able to cook such beauty yourself.


As a result of the country’s constantly developing infrastructure and expanding domestic market, the demand for more sophisticated, “exotic” goods, services and entertainment is qualitatively increasing. Among the activities that have benefited from this are foreign investments, which are used to build new hotels, business centers and entertainment venues.

Time does not stand still, and with it the commercial real estate market continues to develop and expand. Therefore, the activity of Abdo Romeo Abdo in BNK Estate is still to promote new shopping centers and entertainment venues.